Tame-Where, indoor geolocalization solutions

Tame-Where, the RTLS expert Made in France

Tame-Where, through its mastery of localization techniques, opens a new dimension in terms of securing goods and people. Tame-Where's flagship technologies are UWB, NFC and Wi-Fi. These technologies provide positioning, reliability and flexibility with added value in many applications.

The Tame-Where team is from TRONICO

As an industrial subcontractor, TRONICO works with a wide variety of stakeholders. This diversity of application is a source of wealth and openness for its employees.

With a multi-skilled team, Tame-Where aims to offer its customers and partners products and services meeting the same requirements that have made TRONICO successful for 45 years.

Tame-Where geolocation products are designed and produced at TRONICO's french site.

From the POC to the industrial system

The experience and design and production capabilities of TRONICO give Tame-Where products flexibility and adaptability to best meet your needs.

The story of Tame-Where started with a proof of concept in our factory. Since then we have confronted our technology with a multitude of environments and use cases, from factory to retail, from shipbuilding to agribusiness and a nuclear power station.

Products closer to expectations

The leitmotif of Tame-Where is to offer customizable products to best meet your expectations.

RUsafe: the security solution for workers

WhereRU: the localization system for the industry

TRONICO: innovative electronic solutions
Since 1973
> 700 collaborators
(including 60 R&D engineers)
75M€ turnover (2017)
Total production area
12000 m2
5 sites in 3 countries:
France, Morocco, USA


Real Time Localization System. Positioning solution based on communicating technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth or UWB.

Ultra Wide Band. Wireless communication technology operating at high frequencies (3.1-10.6GHz) and low consumption allowing an interior positioning of unmatched precision.

Near Field Communication. Wireless communication technology working at high frequency (13.56MHz) and short range allowing information exchange between communicating objects at a maximum distance of 10 cm.

Proof Of Concept. Experimental realization illustrating a certain method or idea to demonstrate its feasibility.