System for securing and locating workers – Lone Worker Solutions

System for securing and locating workers

Based on UWB technology, RUsafe is a solution for securing isolated personnel or operating in confined / at risk environments.

The operator can thus give the alert in case of danger or of fall while having the reassurance that its precise position will be put back to the rescue, whose intervention will be greatly facilitated.

With RUsafe, you can provide significant time savings in the service of worker safety.


  • Factories
  • Ships
  • Offshore platforms
  • Buildings
  • Sensitive civilian or military sites

Why use RUsafe?

Today there is a multitude of lone worker solutions with the same limitation. If it is easy to detect a fall or an alert from an isolated operator, it is however very difficult to know precisely the location of the incident. The rescue can take several minutes to find the exact place of the intervention. With RUsafe, the emergency services have as soon as the alert, the exact positioning of the person to be rescued. This saves precious minutes (for the worker and the rescue teams) in often critical situations.


+33 (0)2 51 24 41 80

RTLS localization
1 to 2 m
Alert management
Falling detection
Verticality loss
Individual warning
Warning button
3 to 5 days


Lone Worker Solution
System used by workers operating out of sight and out of hearing. This is electronic equipment allowing among other things to alert the rescue in case of problems.

Ultra Wide Band. Wireless communication technology operating at high frequencies (3.1-10.6GHz) and low consumption allowing an interior positioning of unmatched precision.